Money Smart Kids Contest

Elementary School Educators and Parents: Pledge to make financial education a priority by using the Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids program in the classroom or with your family for a chance to win $10,000 for your school, plus an additional $1,000 for a charity of your school’s choice.

Up to $10,000 in prizing



  • $10,000 for your elementary school to build a brighter financial future. Take students on a financial field trip to a local bank, purchase tablets to use to teach kids about money concepts, start a savings club or school store for students... the possibilities are endless!
  • $1,000 to donate to a charity of your school’s choice to teach students about the value of donating.
  • The winning school will receive a fun financial literacy event at their school, and will enter the running to spend time with children’s educational media expert Dr. Alice Wilder, Producer for Blue’s Clues and co-creator of Super Why!, and the characters of Cha-Ching.