Educational Resources

Explore a suite of no-cost, versatile resources to engage your classroom in meaningful conversations about money while empowering students to make smart choices when it comes to earning, saving, spending, and donating.

Educator Guides

Designed to do the teacher prep for you, our 5-minute guides support educators as you leverage the Cha-Ching music videos and activities to make meaningful classroom connections.

Earn: 5 minute prep

Prepare to tackle conversations with students around what it means to earn money.

Earn Educator Guide

Save & Spend: 5 minute prep

Learn ways to address students’ common misconceptions about saving and spending.

Save & Spend Educator Guide

Donate: 5 minute prep

Start discussions with students about this money pillar that’s too often forgotten!

Donate Educator Guide

Classroom Activitiesi

Made especially for K–6 educators to provide the knowledge and tools necessary for kids to be money smart, get your class rockin’ with the band and learning the building blocks of finance.

All 18 Classroom Activities

Explore Additional Resources

For Students

Ready to get rockin’ with the Cha-Ching band? These catchy tunes follow the adventures of the Cha-Ching band – who face real-life money decisions just like YOU!

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For Families

Get the entire family involved in creating a strong financial future. Designed for family fun, these activities are great informal learning opportunities to provide the tools and knowledge for kids to grow up to be money smart.

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