Money Smart Kids Contest

Congratulations to the Trinity Lutheran School for being the winners of the 2021 Money Smart Kids Contest! Stay tuned for the launch of the 2022 Money Smart Kids Contest in March 2022.

Featured Classroom Resources

While you wait for the winning elementary school, explore these trending classroom activities and videos.

Earn, Save, Spend, Donate

Students learn about how money can be created, and the many ways that it can be used based on personal needs.

Saving for Success

Students are reminded of the temporary sacrifices that have to be made in order to set and achieve savings goals.

Just in Case

Students are shown the power of saving to help stay prepared for unexpected circumstances that require quick spending.


  • $10,000 for your elementary school to build a brighter financial future. Take students on a financial field trip to a local bank, purchase tablets to use to teach kids about money concepts, start a savings club or school store for students... the possibilities are endless!
  • $1,000 to donate to a charity of your school's choice to teach students about the value of donating.
  • The winning school will receive a fun financial literacy event at their school.

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Get the entire family involved in creating a strong financial future. Designed for family fun, these activities are informal learning opportunities to provide the tools and knowledge for kids to grow up to be money smart.

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Ready to get students rockin’ with the Cha-Ching band? These catchy tunes follow the adventures of the Cha-Ching band and bring real-world money decisions to life!

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