Money Smart Kids

Earn. Save. Spend. Donate.

Cha-Ching Band

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Getting into the Groove of Financial Literacy

Join the Cha-Ching Band as they make financial literacy strike a chord with young learners. Colorful characters take students on music-filled adventures that bring to life the four pillars of financial literacy: Earn, Save, Spend, and Donate.

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Money Smart Kids Contest

The Money Smart Kids Contest invites educators, parents, and community members to pledge your commitment to financial literacy for the chance to win $10,000 for your school and $1,000 to donate to charity.

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About the Program

Jackson Charitable Foundation and Discovery Education are proud to present Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids. The partnership amplifies this engaging and fun financial literacy program, extending its impact to schools and homes across America. Join the Cha-Ching band as they prepare kids grades K-6 with the knowledge, tools, and practice they need to make informed decisions to reach their goals and dreams.

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